Testimonial by Sb S.

I like Ted. He he follows up and keeps his promises. I installed A Goodman  air-conditioner and air cleaner. He did not offer a maintenance contract like some places do. He gave me his direct cell phone and said call him if there’s any questions I may have. It’s been A year now and I realized that I have not cleaned my filters.    When they installed my units he showed me how to clean my filters but I forgot how to do it.I called Ted up and  the next day he came to my house and we both went up into the attic and he showed me how to do it. We then went outside and he cleaned  them for me.    This time I took a video of the whole process. He was here for about an hour and I asked him how much I owed him, total bill $ ZERO POINT ZERO. Do  yourself a favor and at least get a bid from him. We are very happy we have an air-conditioner. San Diego is getting hotter.

Sb S. Homeowner